What is LAVA Lite?

LAVA Lite is the official youth training and development program of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA), designed to introduce the sport of indoor volleyball in an organized setting to girls of elementary school age, primarily in the third, fourth, and fifth grades.

The Lite program is a low-cost, low-impact program. We don’t want to overwhelm with excess practices or a full regional tournament schedule; the program is a stepping stone for youth and novice players to get their feet wet. It’s also a program to help parents get their feet wet, limiting the impact on family both in terms of time and money—but there is tremendous value for each dollar spent, given that our LAVA coaches oversee and coach the program.

Our LAVA Lite program is designed for our youngest players (ages 08-11). There is no cap to the number of players a LAVA Lite program can have, although with larger numbers players will be grouped into smaller teams (8-12 players). LAVA Lite also ties our affiliates together, as each affiliate looks to field a Lite program and team of its own (click here for more details). There is very limited travel involved beyond our various practice locations, although we will schedule scrimmages occasionally between different Lite locations to add a mild competition element to the training program.

The Lite program features three annual sessions: a Winter session, a Spring session, and a Summer session. The fall does not feature its own session, but rather individual stand-alone workshops on select weekends. While exact details and dates vary by location, the general sessions run November-February for the Winter, March-May for the Spring, and June-August for the Summer. Each session is separate, and players can sign up for one, two, or all three. The cost is $195 per session, which includes a practice shirt. For details on Lite locations, click here. To sign up to play, click here.

LAVA Lite looks to give our youngest athletes a taste of the volleyball world in a friendly, fun environment, where enthusiastic games mix with basic skills development, and help the girls build and stoke a passion for this wonderful team sport.